Easy to move with the tilt possibility.

  • 3 thickness of profile
  • Tilt possibility
  • Optimal ventilation

Tilt-and-slide system allows you to easily move the sash weights up to 200 kg and safely tilt it.This makes it possible for optimal ventilation. Three thickness of profiles and many color options to choose from in a clever PSK system with optimal ventilation.


  • Profile:
  • Squared wood glued in layers. Available in: pine finger-joint, engineered pine, meranti or oak, optional: larch, spruce and other species
  • 68,78,92 mm installation depth

  • Glass:
  • Double-glazed 24 mm unit, Ug = 1.1 W / m2K, aluminum spacer for 68 profile
  • Triple-glazed 36 mm unit, Ug = 1.1 W / m2K, aluminum spacer for 78 profile
  • Triple-glazed 49 mm unit, Ug = 0.78 W / m2K, aluminum spacer for 92 profile

  • Fittings:
  • First-class Maco SKB fittings:
  • SKB -S; You can manually tilt the sash, move the weight on the rail and then move to the side
  • SKB -SE; movable sash semi-automated tilt with automatic closing of the tilt position.
  • Skb-Z automatic; easy opening and closing possible by the forced movement of the sash fittings wing tilt position and closing
  • Special tilt and slide fittings you to open the door on a small area, four-side sealing and locking contribute to the high comfort and safety.
  • Depending on your needs, you can use single or multiple combinations of fixed and moving parts,
  • Comfortable Maco handle
  • Expandable standard equipment as required.

  • Additional features of the system:
  • Thermal parameters as for window profiles of a given thickness.
  • Drip protects the most vulnerable outer side of the sash. Significantly extending durability of paint coating and the wood itself.
  • Frame drip with gasket provides effective drainage of rainwater. In contrast to traditional solutions, there is no problem of thermal bridge, which eliminates the condensation of water vapor inside the window.