Comfortable and lightweight moving structure

  • 3 thickness of profile
  • Sash weight up to 400 kg
  • Warm ThermoStep threshold

Lift and slide system provides a secure, lightweight and comfortable to move single sash weights up to 400kg.A choice of three thicknesses of profiles 68,78 and 92 mm. Many opening schemes, up to 6 sashes. Proven sealing system supports the sound insulation.


  • Profile:
  • Squared wood glued in layers. Available in: pine finger-joint, engineered pine, meranti or oak, optional: larch, spruce and other species 68,78,92 mm installation depth
  • Glass:
  • Depending on the system available thickness of the glass:
  • With 68 mm profile - glass up to 32mm, 78mm - glass to 42 mm, 92 mm - 55 mm glass
  • Due to the large sizes and weight glazed units are always chosen individually.

  • Fittings:
  • Top class GU fitting , with innovative, modular ThermoStep threshold
  • Comfortable GU handle, possibility of unilateral handles, bilateral, and their connection to the different types of inserts.
  • Expandable standard equipment as required.

  • Additional features of the system:
  • Possibility of installing electrical mechanism controlled button, remote control or proximity radar.
  • A ventilation slats integrated in the frame and fitted with insect screens, window with open flap still remains closed to the class RC2
  • Possible single sash weight up to 400kg, maximum overall dimensions of the window up to 19 m wide
  • Sash counterweight - a special spring, mounted in the casement bolt, reducing the force required to open a window
  • When using a standard glazed unit Ug = 1,1 68mm profile - Uw = 1.4
  • When using a standard glazed unit Ug = 0.7 78 mm profile - Uw = 1.1
  • When using a standard glazed unit Ug = 0.6 92mm profile - Uw = 0.8