Sash hidden behind the frame.

  • Clearly lighter contour appearance
  • 3 variants of the thickness of the wood 68, 78, 92mm
  • Wide range of colors for aluminium cladding
  • Various finishing possibilities of bead shelf -angled or square
  • The combination of wood excellence and aluminum durability


  • Profile:
  • Squared 3-layers glued wood. Available in: pine finger-joint, engineered pine, meranti or oak, optional: larch, spruce and other species
  • Aluminum cladding with classic lines on the outside of the window, ensures protection of wood against wood-destroying agents,providing many years of trouble-free usage without maintenance
  • The depth profile of wood to choose from: 68, 78.92 mm
  • The total depth of construction depending on the profile: 8o, 90, 104 mm
  • Glass:
  • Depending on the thickness of the used wood, different glazing thickness:
  • With the profile 68 mm: 24 to 38 mm
  • With the profile 78 mm: 34 to 48 mm
  • With the profile 92 mm: 48 to 60 mm

  • Fittings:
  • First-class MacoMultimatic fittings with standard micro ventilation, integrated with anti-draft fittings system, self-regulating antiburglar rotary knobs, mishandling lock, hinges - adjustable in three dimensions,
  • Comfortable Hoppe Tokyo handle
  • Expandable standard equipment as required.

  • Additional features of the system:
  • Using standard glazed unit heat transfer coefficient of Uw is in the range of 1.1 to 0.8 W / m2K, depending on the thickness of the profile.
  • DUO window line is characterized by excellent technical parameters (water resistance, resistance to wind load, air permeability) often exceeding wood or PVC windows.
  • Lifetime of aluminum cladded Timber DUO windows is several times higher than the regular timber window.

  • Gasket:
  • Double sealed wing (main and filter gasket) protects against noise and heat loss. Using main gasket on the window frame instead of drip is an advantage - it prevents the ingress of water into the connection of the frame.
  • Frame gasket, mounted on wood and aluminium contacts is an excellent protection against adverse weather conditions.
  • Gaskets in two colors: white and brown, the main frame gasket in black